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Credit Card Debt Relief

credit card debt reliefWhen you’re having financial problems, hiring an attorney is the first step in gaining control over your finances. We see honest and hard-working people that are afraid to answer their phone or open their mail because of debt collectors. The Office of Leland Greene is here to help people going through financial difficulties.

If you are being harassed by a debt collector, the Law Office of Leland L. Greene can help you. We can get the debt collector to stop those annoying telephone calls and sometimes we can work out a reasonable payment schedule. We’ll do our best to make sure the debt collectors are not using illegal tactics (in violation of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) while trying to collect the debt from you.

Often, a lender will sell its accounts to a debt collector for 3¢ to 5¢ on the dollar. This means that if you owe $1,000.00 the debt buyer will pay $ 30.00 for the right to collect the full amount of the debt from you. Also, because the debt buyer is paying so little, it will not receive any back-up paperwork to substantiate its claim. Sometimes, the debt had been fully paid by the debtor years ago. Sometimes the amount was settled and paid, but the new creditor stands ready to collect the payments all over again. Sometimes there is a debt, but the new creditor has added all sorts of additional costs, expenses, interest and attorneys fees to the amount demanded.

If you are sued by a debt collector we can help. First, we will Answer the Complaint and assert affirmative defenses. If you were sued and did nothing and a default judgment was taken against you, the Law Office of Leland Greene can often seek Court assistance to reopen your default and to defend you against the allegations. Sometimes, you first learn of the entry of the default judgment when the debt collector contacts you. We can help. If the judgment was improperly entered, we can seek to have it vacated. Then we can try to get the case dismissed or try to work out a reduction of the principal and reasonable payment terms.

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